The “Momtaz” Match Company was established in the 1921 by “Haj Mohammad Rahim Khoei” and “Haj Mohammad Baqher Khoei”.
“Momtaz” started to build its own factory and mass production of matches with the purchase of semi-automatic machinery from Germany in the Tabriz.


Match Production Lines

This complex is the largest and first match production unit with national standard, which is currently working to meet the needs of the domestic market and consumption of neighboring countries with maximum capacity. The history of the company's products is nearly a century and in addition to the standard product, it is actually used as a promotional tool for various services or products of domestic companies throughout Iran, due to its extensive distribution network.

Momtaz Particleboard company in Tabriz is considered as one of the largest production units of cellulose industries in the country, which is currently one of the best manufacturers by producing raw and coated Particleboard (melamine) with thicknesses of 8, 14 and 16 mm in dimensions of 2500 × 1250 mm. Be at the level of domestic and foreign markets.

Believing in and adhering to the principle of customer orientation and in order to respect the rights of consumers, the company provides its products to consumers through its network of sales representatives and cooperatives throughout the country.

Particleboard Production Line