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The match industry is one of the oldest Iranian industries and dates back to more than a century.
At the end of the reign of “Nasir al-Din Shah”, a Russian company with the participation of “Amin-ol-Molk” participated in the first matchmaking workshop in Tehran, which was later dismantled.
Basically, the city of Tabriz should be considered the mother of this industry in Iran, because the largest producer of matches in the city is still active and in production.
During the constitutional struggle, a primary workshop was set up by “Hajj Mirza Hussein Vaez” in Tabriz, where national slogans were printed on cans. Subsequently, Tavakoli and Khoei families seriously consider the fact of the factory's action and the production of matches with Quality quality.
The “Momtaz” Match Company was established in the 1921 by “Haj Mohammad Rahim Khoei” and “Haj Mohammad Baqher Khoei”.
“Momtaz” started to build its own factory and mass production of matches with the purchase of semi-automatic machinery from Germany in the Tabriz.
In the year 1961, in order to optimize the use of wood waste, the factory purchased and installed the chipboard from Germany, which is still active and in production, with the completion and modification of machinery.

In 1971, “Setareh Momtaz” Company was set up alongside the old “Momtaz” factory and bought from Arenco Sweden two full-automatic and very modern machines. The products of “Setareh Momtaz” Factory, which was produced under the supervision of the Swedish Match Company, it was a European development that created a match in the gaming industry, which forced the rest of the companies to think seriously about repairing machinery and improving their product.

In 1978, because of the increased consumption of matches and the market demand for this popular product, three other lines were purchased from the fully automatic machines of Sweden, and all five modern lines were installed at the new premises of the factory at the beginning of the Tabriz-Ahar road, and these companies They became the largest producer of matches in Iran and were able to get the first standard seal in this industry.

Excerpt from the documentary "Coprito" by Mehran Firoozbakht